What type of woman is an alpha male attracted to?

What type of woman is an alpha male attracted toThat is a very good question to answer! Being an Alpha Male myself I find I am most attracted to playful but confident, very attractive and exotic career focused women. That alone should answer the question of: What type of woman is an Alpha male attracted to.

Most men who consider themselves to be Alpha Males are very confident and self-assured. They are always in control of their surroundings and emotions, thus enabling them to stand out amongst all other men.  (Updated: June 7, 2016)


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Women Who Fall Short

The Wallflower:   It is highly unlikely that a strong and confident man would be attracted to a wallflower type of woman. These quiet and somewhat reserved women are very uninteresting and not much of a challenge intellectually for the Alpha male.

The Bikini Babe:   Conversely the young bikini babe, while very attractive and sexy would only hold this guy’s attention for a very short period of time before he became very bored.

She offers no intellectual stimulation nor does she have any significant life experiences that may bring value to their budding relationship.

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The Housewife:   The unemployed housewife “type of woman“…  she would also not be very interesting due to the fact, as in the above case of the bikini babe, this type of women has very little to offer other than her potential cooking skills and house cleaning desires.

Think for a minute, when your typical Alpha male comes home from his start up business how can he have a serious conversation with someone who has no desire to be more than just a stay at home housewife?


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The Store Clerk:   The Wal-Mart store clerk type of woman is certainly not the type of woman any confident, capable and good looking Alpha male would be interested in. She more than likely has no interest in pursuing a serious career and is waiting for any guy to come along and save her from her Wal-Mart sales clerk job.

Did I forget to mention that she is probably very overweight and has two kids from two different guys?  YIKES!!!

The Type Who Hits the Mark

The type of woman your typical Alpha male would be interested in is very beautiful and What type of woman is an alpha male attracted toconfident; but yet still very feminine and at times a little submissive; all while she has a professional career or has her own business. She is also very fit and dresses very professional.

Most confident and capable men look for women who are not unlike themselves in that they have the ability to be successful and not needy.

They are comfortable with whom they are and they have a clear cut direction as to where they want their lives to go. Self-motivated, educated and ambitious are traits these women need to have in order to be attractive to the Alpha male.

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In Closing

Do you consider yourself an Alpha male? Are you more attracted to the beautiful and exotic looking Attorney who just drafted your LLC documents?

Or, do you prefer the giggly young waitress who served you your morning coffee?

I am willing to bet it was that exotic Attorney that caught your eye!

article: What type of woman is an alpha male attracted to?

Updated: 06/07/16

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