When Should a Man Get Married?

When should a man get married?Very good question, but I think I have the answer. Surprisingly, it is not the answer that is most commonly discussed throughout the dating world. You see, getting married is a very serious financial commitment for the man. Much more for them than it is for the woman!

Whenever you go about researching this question quite often you’ll hear that a man should get married in his mid to late twenties. Boy, do I not agree with that!

The age that I feel all men should get married is… drum roll please!… 42. Let me explain my answer and then you can be the judge yourself.

Men in Their Twenties

Most people feel that men should get married in there mid to late twenties. I am not a proponent of this at all!!

Don’t believe me? Check this out from MensHealth.com:

Twenty-five years old is the apparently the “right age” for couples to start getting married, says a recent study published in The Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

Or at least that’s the number the researchers received when they asked 536 college students their opinion on the perfect age to tie the knot.”

What a mistake this would be for the average man to settle down, have a wife and probably a newborn baby to somehow financially support. This is a time in your life that you should be working on developing your career, traveling with your buddies and getting laid as much as possible.

If you should decide to settle down at this age you may as well give up on living a very full and exciting life as you will now be a financial cripple with all of the responsibilities you will be facing at a time when you are least likely to afford them. Hello credit card debt!

Again, I say: don’t do it!!

Men in Their Thirties

So perhaps you decide to wait 10 more years and now you find yourself at the age of 33.

You have sown your wild oats and you have met a beautiful younger lady that you think you may want to settle down with.

Your new job is stressful but the money looks to be promising if you stay with this particular company for couple more years.

Your friends, who are married, on the surface of things, look to be… ok?!

But certainly they are not very happy.

The issue with being 33 is that you still are very eager to meet other women all the time. You are not firmly entrenched in a solid career position at this point so your income may not be the best to start a family with.

Then there are your friends who are still single, always pulling at your shirt sleeve begging you to go out and chase the skirts! And deep down inside… you want to! Oh yeah… you can’t! You’re married and your overweight and overbearing wife will not speak to you for week if you should decide to go out and have a few beers with your friends.

Not good!

Men in Their Forties

Move forward 10 more years and now you find yourself at 42 years of age. You are still fairly fit as you work out every day, you own a nice home and you earn a good solid income from your well established career position.

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Many of your friends had been married – and divorced, causing them significant financial hardship as they try to support two households, having to pay child support.

Luckily for you, you have escaped this dilemma as you have held off getting married until this time in your life.

Why get married at the age of 42? Well, first and foremost you have perspective on life that anyone in their mid-twenties certainly does not have.

More likely than not you have traveled and experienced other cultures and completed all your necessary training required of your chosen career.

You have settled down in a city that you feel very comfortable in and have become an active member in the community.

The number of women you have dated over the past 20 or so years has given you a very clear picture of the type of person you want as a partner.

At the age of 42 you are still young enough to be very appealing to women while being old enough to know exactly what you want out of a life and what you can do to make a long term relationship work.

You are no longer selfish or naïve! You still have your six pack abs and have friends with whom you can enjoy life with while still being married.

Most importantly, the desire to go out and chase the skirts has greatly diminished at this age. This greatly enables you to better focus on the lady that is your wife, thus creating an atmosphere for a better and more fulfilling marriage than if you were in your early to mid-twenties.

Men Over the Age of 50

Men who are over the age of 50, more than likely, have been married and divorced, some more than once. Getting married at this older age, in my opinion, is not necessarily a smart thing to do.

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While you certainly do not want to grow old alone, the selection of available, attractive women is very, very small.

Women your age, that being in the early to mid-fifties (or older – YUCK!!!), are normally very heavy and don’t look very appealing, as they once had back in their early twenties. And let’s not forget that they probably have one or two ex-husbands always lurking about.

My advice to any guy who finds himself single at the age of 50, or older, is to stay single. Enjoy life, enjoy your friends and start that business you have always wanted to start! If you should choose to get married at this age, and for whatever reason it does not work out… well, you may as well kiss your retirement savings goodbye!

Stay single my friend!

In Closing…

Yes, I firmly believe 42 is the best age to get married. You’re settled, you are still young and you have enough life experiences to help you navigate any marital relationship. Whatever you do, don’t get a girl pregnant in your twenties as you’ll be paying for this mistake the rest of your life.

Now go and enjoy life!

article: When should a man get married?

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