When should I walk away from a relationship?

When should I walk away from a relationshipSo you have been dating this same woman for 3 years and things are not going well in this relationship. For some reason you are feeling perhaps it may be time to move on and be single again. Hanging with your buddies, smoking cigars watching basketball and chasing skirts… hmmm, that does sound very appealing!

So, when should you walk away from a relationship? What are some critical events or behaviors within the relationship that should be clear signs to end it and move on? Let’s take a look at a few here.

Interfering Parents

There is nothing worse than having one of her family members, usually a parent, always needing to interfere in your relationship.

Quite often this “over protective” parent may not like you because they may feel you are not good enough for their daughter.

This usually manifests itself in the form of passive aggressive behavior from this parent or constant negative talk about you behind your back.

At some point the guy grows tired of these attitudes from her family members and wisely ends the relationship.

If any guy stays in a relationship with her parents constantly injecting their opinions, over time this constant interference creates a rift within the couple. It doesn’t take long for the guy to finally say: “enough is enough”. If the lady of the relationship sides with her parents too often this relationship is doomed.

If you are in this type of relationship get out while you can!

She is LAZY

If you are married to woman who is lazy and doesn’t pull her weight in the relationship When should I walk away from a relationshipthen perhaps you should consider moving on. Trust me when I say this: women who are lazy only get worse as time goes on.

Not only do their lazy behaviors get worse quite often they become verbally abusive, mostly because they really don’t like themselves! Image if you are married to a woman who is a stay at home housewife and she can barely get out of bed every day. She doesn’t even wash her own dishes or feed the dog… this chick is lazy!!

Now envision what it will be like five years down the road! I bet you don’t like that picture do you! Get out now!

Broken Trust

Say you are in college and you are dating this sexy cheerleader chick. She has every guy looking her up and down everywhere you two go. One day you notice she is a little too close to a certain guy whom she calls “just a friend”. But for some reason he is always around, or he is always texting her… or she is always talking about him.

Or perhaps your girlfriend takes a trip without you and upon her return she has a man’s tie mixed in with her dirty laundry from that trip. Where did the tie come from? Whose tie is it? Why is there a man’s tie in your girlfriend’s laundry from this trip?

Once trust has been broken your relationship is over. Usually trust takes a very long time to get back to a level where it is no longer an issue; but, if an issue of infidelity is the cause of the broken trust there will be future occurrences of infidelity.

Get out now!

Long Distance Relationship

I have had a number of long distance relationships. And rarely do they ever make it past the one year mark. Either she will meet someone where she is at or you will where you are at. Being three thousand miles apart and not spending time together is NOT a relationship.

It’s a pen-pal friendship. Who gives a shit!!

Time to move on and find a woman to keep your bed warm at night!

Relationship Tension

When you are in a relationship that involves a lot of bickering and fitting this can only lead When should I walk away from a relationshipto two things: either she will eventually dump you or you will eventually dump her. Sane people can only participate in a romantic relationship for so long if there is constant tension.

Sources of constant tension usually involve one of these three things: money problems, jealousy or insensitivity to the other. Unless the prevailing issue causing the tension in the relationship is addressed and corrected time will eventually exaggerate the problem resulting in even more intense friction between the two parities.

Time to think about being single again if you are in this scenario!

In Closing

If you are a confident guy you will never be afraid of being alone and single. Bad relationships are just that… bad relationships. They are not worth being in if you or your partner are not happy.

It is better to be on your own, moving forward with your life than having another person making your life less than desirable! Now that’s something to think about!

Article: When should I walk away from a relationship?

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