When to call after first date?

When to call after first dateWhenever I see the question of: When to call after the first date? I just want to pull my hair out! For some reason many dating gurus put limitations and parameters on when communication between a man and a women should take place.

What has worked for me and I’m sure will work for you is this basic rule:

If the first date went very well and you both enjoyed each other’s company there’s no reason why you should not call her the next day to see when she is available again to see you.

That has worked for me without fail when I was single!  And I dated a LOT of women, thus I had a LOT of first dates!

Seriously, if at the end of your date, this being your first date, you end up kissing her and she responds very positively I firmly believe she is as eager to spend time with you as you are with her.

While I certainly understand the reasoning of not calling for a week or so, which is to hopefully build up mystery and anticipation about you for the woman; often times this could backfire if the woman decides your late call to her is a sign of disinterest on your part.

Also, you must keep in mind that the level of emotional excitement created during your first date may actually dissipate if you wait too long in calling her!

When to call after first date?

Not only that, if she is an attractive woman there is probably two, or perhaps as many as four men who may be actively pursuing her while you are playing by some dating guru’s rules and not calling her for a week!

When to call after the first date? How about NOW!

Here’s a video with the woman’s point of view on “When to call after first date?”. Enjoy the video!


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