Where Can I Meet Women?

where can I meet womenWhere can I meet women?  This question is asked of me quite often! It seems that most men are confused and uncertain as to how to go about meeting women but also understanding the fact that women are just about everywhere!

So the question should change from: where can I meet women? To why am I not meeting women?… thus the problem is more with the guy’s confidence in his ability to approach women than trying to locate places to meet women.

With the problem better defined above and a solution sought any guy who takes the initiative to become more confident and self-assured will very quickly realize that meeting women can happen anywhere and at any time.

Just think for a minute and look at all the places you visited over the past week. Perhaps you were at the local convenience store and you saw a cute girl flipping through the magazines standing less than 4 feet from you. A confident and self-assured guy would have no problems starting a conversation with this woman! A shy and easily intimidated guy would only wish to have a conversation with this woman!!

So you can see that once you conquer your shyness and anxiety about meeting women you will discover that women are virtually everywhere!! The longer it takes for you to gain confidence and believe in yourself the longer it will be before you start meeting women you truly want to meet!

So to answer the question of: Where can I meet women? The answer is – everywhere and ANYWHERE! It’s all up to YOU.

Good luck!

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