Where to go to Meet Chinese Women!

meet chinese womenSo you want to date a Chinese girl, huh?  Where to go to Meet Chnese Women?!  Not sure as to how to go about meeting one? It’s not as difficult as you may think! As a matter of fact there are ways to meet beautiful Chinese women in your local area!

Let’s take a quick look at some of the best ways to go about meeting some of these exotic ladies within a short distance from your home town!

Listed below are the four best ways to meet Chinese women without the need to travel to Beijing!

OPTION ONE: Date a China Airlines flight attendant! The next time you travel use China Airlines and upon boarding the plane make sure you develop a rapport with the flight crew.

I once dated a Singapore Airlines stewardess (she was BEAUTIFUL!!!) that I met at a hotel where her flight crew would hole up when required to stay overnight. Look for the hotels where these flight attendants stay when required to spend the night in your city.

OPTION TWO: Grad School! Many Chinese students attend our U.S. Universities and participate in the graduate programs for engineering and sciences.

Stop by your local university (not Community College!) and take a count of all the Chinese girls pursuing their PhD’s in Software Engineering or Biochemistry!

OPTION THREE: The Internet. This is the most obvious approach, but will require some form of travel at some point! Try www.chinalovematch.net as a possible website to explore to connect with Chinese women.

Keep in mind that many women from China will not be able to speak English, so you MUST be patient with them!

Where to go to Meet Chinese Women!

OPTION FOUR: Chinatown. Every major city has a “Chinatown” where Chinese women who have been living in the U.S. for a while can be found. Try the restaurants and nightclubs within these Chinatown districts as these will be fertile territory for you!

Dating women from China will be a rewarding but very challenging experience for many reasons.

Many women from China are truly beautiful, interesting and very focused on career and family. You would be very fortunate to have a Chinese lady share your life!

Here’s a video about beautiful Chinese women! Enjoy!


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