Where to go to meet women?

meet womenI am often asked the question of: Where to go to meet women?… all the time!! Aside from the most correct answer of: “ You can meet women anywhere” response here is the one place I always had success with meeting and dating women!

Based on my experiences of meeting women, and I have met and dated many women, the vast majority I met at nightclubs.

Come to think of it I have two other “places” where I have had a great deal of success with meeting women.  But in this post lets stick to this particular one; and I’ll share the other two in upcoming posts!

Before you go “we wanted to hear something different”, you must admit this is the where the women go when they are single! … and I followed that age old quote: “why did you rob the bank? Because that’s where the money is!” … or something like that.

Nightclubs are where single women congregate because they like to showoff to other women, hang with their friends, love to dance and like the attention from men (as this builds their self-esteem). You would be hard pressed not find women at nightclubs, especially if you are in your mid to late 20s.

To be successful in meeting women at a nightclub you would need to be comfortable with yourself, have a friend or two to go with, have a healthy level of self-esteem/confidence and have the ability to hold a woman’s attention through engaging conversation! Without these you may as well stay home and play cards with your other friends who are still single and fear approaching women!

So to answer the question of “Where to go to meet women?”: nightclubs! Of course there are other venues to meet women! But this has always been the easiest way for me to meet and date women, bar none!

Now go and get your friends and plan a fun night out this upcoming Saturday night!

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