Where to Learn How to Dress Well!

Where to Learn How to Dress Well!For some of us guys picking the best tie to match the shirt and suit can be a challenge. Not only that, picking the right style of belt to wear with these damn pleated slacks my wife likes me to wear… well, drives me crazy!

Years ago, and perhaps found in the more cosmopolitan cities around the world, you can still find high quality men’s haberdasheries where one can get a fine tailored suit, purchase well-fitting shirts and pair the ensemble with the most perfect tie!

There are three men’s haberdasheries that stick out for me that I visited on occasion over the years.

Two were back in Boston, located in the financial district. One was operated by an Englishman who took pride in the clothing and accessories he offered in his store.

While he was the perfect gentleman with his customers he was very difficult with his employees, which really turned me off to the point of not returning to his store after a period of time.

The second was owned and operated by a Pakistani man and his family. Although he was form Pakistan he had a very strong English accent. Besides the suits he made for his customers he also made the most beautiful shirts.

I once had a custom shirt made by this gentleman that was unique to my style with very high-end cotton and excellent stitching. Everywhere I went everyone asked me where they could purchase such a shirt!

Twenty years later I am walking through Kyoto station and come across this excellent haberdashery that offered the affluent “salary-man” the best in quality and stylish men’s [easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”0060191449″ locale=”us” height=”350″ src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/512PYWH40WL.jpg” width=”250″]business clothing.

For some reason the Japanese seem to do everything better than those who initiate the idea, and this particular men’s clothing store had it all and then some.

The shirts were unique in style but still very professional in appearance, the suits were all from only the top brands or you could have a suit ordered from their store, or… measured at their store and then stitched in Hong Kong!!!

And don’t get me started on the selection of ties made especially just for this haberdashery!

In the event you do not have this type of men’s specialty store in your town then fear not. Here is a website ( askandyaboutclothes.com ) that answers all your questions about men’s clothing and style! And the answer man is not some young guy with no real world experience dressing real men, but is in fact a real aficionado when it comes men’s clothing and style… when it involves the serious and confident man.

According to Andy:

“I put my fashion hobby to the test working part time at a Polo/Ralph Lauren store, and filled an educational need by producing handouts for customers on all aspects of men’s clothing. I was consistently the number one salesman, and I only worked part time!”

Visit his website, participate in his forum and I guarantee you will get a true education on how to dress like a successful man. Say goodbye to Wal-Mart!!!


article: Where to Learn How to Dress Well!

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