Where to meet single women in Tokyo?

Where to meet single womenToday we answer the question of: Where to meet single women in Tokyo? I am just like most men in that I find Japanese women very sexy and attractive. The issue we men face is how to meet these Japanese women; especially if we are from the United States.

Having traveled to Tokyo Japan numerous times I found that being an American had its unique advantages when it came to meeting single Japanese women. When an American male travels to Tokyo the first place that comes to mind is the area called Roppongi, which is part of Tokyo. (Updated: June 14, 2016)


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Roppongi is where all of the gaijin, or better known to us Americans –foreigners, seem to congregate and enjoying all of the nightclubs offered in this District of Tokyo.

While I found the nightclubs to be very easy picking to meet sexy Japanese women this was not my first choice when it came to meeting a lady from Japan.

Surprisingly I found that coffee shops were just incredible for the opportunities to meet single women, or even married women with very little difficulty.

All I had to do was to step foot into a Starbucks coffee shop somewhere in a business District of Tokyo and within minutes I would be making eye contact with a beautiful and exotic Japanese woman.

Where to meet single women… If I were to be single again and I found myself in Tokyo I would more than likely skip the bar scene and head straight to the coffee shops where I would very easily find women worthy of dating.

Keep in mind these women are not your typical nightclub princesses; but are often women with careers and ambitions thus make for a better quality relationship if you should hook up with one of these ladies.

So to answer the question of: Where to meet single women in Tokyo? Head straight to the coffee shops! If you are confident, fit, dress well and have a decent career you will have no problems meeting women here in Tokyo!


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Updated: 06/14/2016

article: Where to meet single women in Tokyo

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