Why Are Men Afraid of Approaching Women?

Why Are Men Afraid of Approaching WomenThere are probably few things in life more terrifying to men than the prospect of approaching women they don’t know. In fact, even in the case of approaching women they do know, the preponderance of unknowns that face men in these situations can be, well… overwhelming!

The primary fear, of course, is the issue of rejection. It’s for this reason that most men go to such great lengths to impress women, which in most cases only ends in making buffoons out of them. In fact, repeated studies have shown that women are most attracted to men who are themselves, nothing more and, well, nothing less.

Next, man up. It’s that simple. It only stands to reason that if you want to be able to approach women, simply be more of the person she wants to be approached by.

Leave your inner child behind and go into a situation knowing that you are a man. Getting the mental game right at this point is the biggest part of the job. From there on out, it’s all downhill.

Find out where they are. The old saying that birds of a feather, well, you get the point. If you want to approach a nice girl, go to where nice girls hang out.

The truth be told, there are a lot of organizations that have gotten the message that people really do want to get to know other people in a safe environment. That’s the reason so many churches and other groups have singles clubs and other dating friendly venues. Use them.

Follow the signs. Once you get amongst a group of eligible ladies, the chances are good that you will pick out the most attractive among them and start there. The trouble is she might be spoken for or, gasp, married. The best way to approach women is to just say hello and see what happens. Anyone who returns your smile and says hello in return is the most receptive, thus the most likely to have some attraction for you.

Watch your body language. Simply put, is your body language creeping her out? If it is, it won’t take long before you get the message. Be friendly, confident, self-assured… but not creepy!

By the time you get to this point, all you want to do is talk. As a result, you should master the art of conversation and be a little flirtatious… the key here being a little flirtatious. Be friendly, talk about anything, excluding taboo subjects, and you’ll have her heart.

…or you won’t. As much as men fear rejection, understand that for every woman who rejects you, there are probably many who will have an interest in getting to know you better. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, as they say, is to get over the fear of approaching women and start getting your love life back on track!

Good Luck!

article: Why Are Men Afraid of Approaching Women?

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