Why do a lot of women avoid eye contact?

Why do a lot of women avoid eye contactVery good question! So why do a lot of women avoid eye contact? Very simple answer here… and I think we all know what that answer is.

As we all have been told since we were little kids the eyes are the gateways to our soul. Most people cannot maintain eye contact with anyone… never mind a man who is staring at a woman because he is attracted to her. (Updated: 01/03/2014)

So, just because a woman avoids making eye contact with you does not mean all that much.


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However, on the rare occasion they do make eye contact with you, hold your eye contact for about 10 seconds, or a little longer, and then glance down and away from her.

If she keeps looking back at you, and smiles, there is a pretty good chance she is trying to express interest.

Eye contact between two people is seldom a normal thing unless there is either hostility or attraction.

If a woman makes eye contact with you (and sustains it) you are being given a pretty clear signal to approach her.

Update: June 15, 2016

To answer the question of:  Why do a lot of women avoid eye contact?…  The simple answer is:  they just are not interested in you.

Here is a brief video on making eye contact with women. Enjoy the video!


article: Why do a lot of women avoid eye contact?

Updated: 06/15/2016

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