Why do Japanese women look so young?

Why do Japanese women look so youngMost Asian women look younger than their actual age as compared to western women mostly due to diet. Yes, I can attest to the fact that many Japanese women look to be 18 or 19 when in fact they are 30. In fact many who are in their mid to late 40’s look like they are still only 32 or 33!!

If you were to take a Caucasian woman from Nebraska and put this woman next to a Japanese woman from Kyoto, both being the same age, there would be striking differences.


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The Caucasian woman will be overweight, slightly dumpy looking and not very elegant when contrasted to her Asian counterpart.

All the women who I dated over the years who were from Japan took great pride in how they looked.

They each had their own skin care regimen, ate very healthy and had some sort of health nutrition protocol that they followed religiously.

For their diet small portions ruled the day. Nori, dried green seaweed, was part of every meal along with a small bowl of Miso soup. Contrast to the western diet of burgers and fries of the Western woman and from there you can quickly see why Japanese women look years younger than most Caucasian women.

Don’t believe me? Check this quote from collegeinfogeek.com

“In fact, it’s not just that they’re skinny – they’re also beautiful. I’ll be honest, it was pretty hard to keep my eyes off the girls there. I’m not just talking about the ones my age; even women who were probably in their 40′s looked absolutely great.

People there seem to defy aging until they reach their elderly years. Telling whether someone is in their 20′s or 40′s usually comes down to looking at their face, because you often can’t tell from anything else.”


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If you are tired of dating overweight and selfish women from your home town then I suggest taking a trip to Japan and find yourself a woman you truly would be attracted to. Whatever you do make sure you are a guy that is exceptional and worth their time, as Japanese women can be very picky in the men they choose to date!


article: Why do Japanese women look so young?

updated: June 14, 2016

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