Why do men cheat on their girlfriends?

Why do men cheat on their girlfriendsYesterday we looked at reasons why women cheat (click here for that post). Today we are going to answer the question of: Why do men cheat on their girlfriends! Silly question, but often knowing the “why’s” of something will help you in your pursuit of finding the “right woman” for YOU!

I have been with women who almost immediately I wanted to cheat on; and I have been with women whom I had no interest in cheating!

Why would I want to cheat on one and not the other? Hmmm…

For me, and I am guessing for all men, sex is a huge motivator. Also, very attractive and sexy women are a significant motivator!

Dating and attracting and bedding new women was like an addiction, which was very difficult to keep under control!

Being with one sexy lady in a relationship while also sleeping with her cute friend was very intoxicating and very much bolstered my ego.

Not that I am proud of such things, but it is just a matter of fact for me and, I am sure, for all the men who have ever cheated on their girlfriends or spouses.

While it is sex that is the end result the real reason is “ego”. By cheating I would feel very “overly confident and capable” because I was getting away with something I should not be doing and I am able to attract another woman while with a girlfriend.

It was very intoxicating and addictive!

That’s why I think we men cheat. It’s not the sex. It’s for the ego rush!

The few women who would be able to keep that desire within me dormant had a very special ability to keep me keenly focused on them.

Why do men cheat on their girlfriends?

Somehow they were able to keep the mystery about them ongoing and intriguing enough to keep me home and only in their bedroom.

Very few women had that ability!… Not that I cheated often, mind you 😉

Here’s a funny but informative video on why men cheat! Enjoy the video!


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