Why men should NOT get married!

Why men should NOT get marriedIf you are a married guy then please skip this post. But if you are about to get married then perhaps this may prove to be of some interest to you. Keep in mind marriage may be the best thing that happens to some guys while for others it can be pure misery!

Based on my opinion, and I am sure the opinion of many others, here are the top three reasons for a guy NOT to get married.

Reason #1: Loss of Your Personal Freedom

Yep, that’s right! As soon as a woman gets you to the alter, within a short period of time, she will be controlling your every move as well as dictating who your friends will be.

Get ready for this. No matter what nationality you will be married to you will encounter this.

Can’t say why this happens as it seems to be a very common experience shared by most married men.

Want to play poker with your buddies on Monday night?

You need to ask your wife for permission.

Want to go to the car show with your best friend? You’ll need to ask your wife first! The football game is on at 1 p.m.? Maybe not as “she” has a distaste for the sport. Ouch!!

Reason #2: Sexual Boredom

Most men lose interest in their sexual partner after a period of time; or, at the very least desire other women to sleep with as part of the human condition. When you tie the knot you are now expected to be loyal and not experience other women in the bedroom. For some men this is ok.

Yet for even more men they can tolerate this but with some slight resentment for the situation. And for yet a growing number of men, the pull to copulate with other women is too strong and they put their marriage at risk.

Think for a minute: if you are in your late 20s then sex with your spouse still is very good and maybe even exciting. Flash forward 20 or so years and I guarantee you will be somewhat disinterested in your wife and very much longing for the young and sexy twenty-something’s walking around your office!

Reason #3: You WILL be Broke after a Divorce

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”0310259827″ locale=”us” height=”300″ src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51i5t0VuCNL.jpg” width=”250″]If you think you will get married and not experience divorce because your relationship is “different” then you are incredibly naïve!!

In the U.S. today some 60% of all marriages result in divorce if you marry before the age of 30. And when you do get divorced, you, the man, get totally screwed!

Have kids? Then there is child support! Have a wife who has not worked for a couple of years?

Then there is alimony or spousal support! Attorney fees – both yours and hers? You’ll be paying those as well. Yes, you will be BROKE!!

In Conclusion…

Don’t let me scare you here in this post. If you love your woman and want to get married, then by all means please do so! But, just be aware of the above mentioned pitfalls before you make that final decision!

Here’s a video that goes into this topic a little more deeply that I think you will find somewhat interesting! Enjoy the video.


article: Why men should not get married!

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