Why Women Need to Hear “I Love You”

Why Women Need to Hear "I Love You"Whether they have been in a relationship that has spanned many years or are still getting to know their partner, men are frequently surprised by how often their woman needs to hear the words, “I love you.” Although you most likely do love your woman, you probably forget to say these words fairly often.

In fact, you may not fully understand just how much it means to a woman when she hears those words. If you have been wondering why your woman needs constant reminders of your love or if you would just like to strengthen your bond, then here are a few reasons why women need to be told that they are loved by their romantic partners.


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Provides Reassurance

For many women, being in a romantic relationship can be a wonderful experience; however, it can also leave them feeling vulnerable.

By telling the special women in your life how special she is to you, you will be providing her with the reassurance that your love has not changed.

With so many stories of partners going astray these days, your woman will appreciate your efforts to provide the reassurance she needs to know that she is the only woman in your life.

Strengthens Self-Esteem

Throughout their lives, many women struggle with insecurities regarding their perceived flaws. You may know that your woman is absolute perfection, but it is likely that she does not always know this about herself.

When you tell her you love her, her confidence rises, and she is once again reminded that someone finds her worthy of adoration. Does this mean she is weak? Not at all.

It simply means that she values your opinion and enjoys knowing that you admire her many wonderful qualities.


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Makes Them Feel Appreciated

In a relationship, women often do many little things that may go unnoticed if she does them well. While she may do things, such as cooking you special treats or planning an exciting date, without expecting much in return, she never wants to be taken for granted.

A simple, “I love you,” is the perfect way to make her feel appreciated. Hearing these words after she has made special effort translates to way more than just a simple thank you.

Go Ahead: Say “I Love You!”

Although it can seem as though women need to hear that they are loved constantly, there are many good reasons for their desire. When you remind your woman that she is loved, you will be letting her know that she holds a special place in your life.

Finally, remember that living those three little words is just as important as saying them. By demonstrating your love each day in some small way, your special woman is sure to feel loved.

article: Why Women Need to Hear “I Love You”

updated: June 14, 2016

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