Wife Finder: How I met my Japanese wife.

wife finderI met my wife back in 2006 through an introduction service that specialized in Japanese women desiring to meet American men. I can tell you now that the experience was exciting as well as interesting! This introduction service is almost like a “wife finder” service, but almost being the key word here.

After doing the bar scene, internet dating and meeting women through the tennis club I belong to I realized I was ready to meet a woman to settle down with. I also wanted a woman who was from Japan as I found their culture interesting and the women very beautiful! (Updated: January 3, 2014)

Upon arrival at the office of this “introduction service” I completed the lengthy questionnaire provided me and then sat with one of the counselors for a more formal introduction of their services and to review the lengthy application I just had completed.

Upon finishing the conversation with the counselor I was shown a stack of books that had pictures of Japanese women and I was told to select those within the books who I would be most interested in meeting. All I can say is there were hundreds of women in these books and nearly all were very attractive in appearance! Hmmm… maybe this wife finder, er… introduction service may be worthwhile after all!

A couple days had passed and on a Tuesday morning I received a call from the introduction service that they had several women ready to meet with me. To say I was excited is an understatement. That upcoming weekend I had met 3 different women, having coffee dates first and then taking two of them to dinner the days that followed our initial dates.

Long story short, over a period of 2 months I had met sixteen women, all Japanese and all but one being very beautiful and sexy! Of the sixteen I selected my wife for the one lady I wanted to be monogamous with, thus forgoing the other fifteen.

As a result I am very happily married, having a beautiful young daughter, friendly in-laws back in Japan and a very loving wife! Meeting women through an introduction service (“wife finder” service)? Yes! If you are an older man looking for a way to meet and date women without all the hassles of the bar scene then this is the way to go!

Updated: 01/03/2014

article: Wife Finder: How I met my Japanese wife

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