Women who will sleep with anyone!

Women who will sleep with anyoneI don’t know about you but I have been with quite a few women over the years whom seem to be very easy to get into the bedroom. I am not sure if it were the situation, the booze or the chemistry; but finding these women who will sleep with anyone was not all that difficult.

And, this was prior to the internet, Facebook and e-mail!

Some of My Experiences

I have a fairly good memory when it comes to the women I have dated and slept with over the years.  Very unfortunately the names elude me for the most part, but I can still remember the faces and the situations quite well.

The most recent was just before I met my wife. This women was a very attractive Japanese woman who I would consider extremely attractive and “cute”.

On our first date after the evening we first met (read about it here) we were intimate.

This was not the fruits of my efforts, but, in fact, her seducing me!

Not that I am complaining, mind you!

Many women I have dated seemed to be in a rush for the sex to start right out of the gate.

There was no “courting”, no “second, third, fourth and fifth date” until intimacy took place… it was on date one!

Why I Think Women do This.

My theory on why many women will sleep with just about anyone is that there must be Women who will sleep with anyonesome sort of “emotional insecurity thing” going on with these women.

In fact, most of these women who were in bed with me on our first date all seemed to have some kind of history of rushing the sexual part of any relationship they ever had.

When getting to know these women over a period of time it would be inevitable that they have had a string of guys in their lives with whom they had short term relationships until they met the next guy to have yet another short term relationship with. It was viscous cycle for them!

My experiences with these women is that once they have got what they wanted from the relationship, usually weeks to a few short months, they would be out seeking another guy to experience.

Some of these women are just like men who have sexual addiction problems and need the intimacy sex brings in order to feel wanted, loved and needed.

Where to Meet this Type of Woman.

If you are looking for such a woman they are easy to find! And the number one place is the Women who will sleep with anyonelocal nightclub!

That’s right, the night club scene in any city caters to this kind of woman who likes to party and sleep around.

Its not to say that there are not sexually aggressive women who stay home at night, or are into athletics instead of the bar scene.

But, for the most part, nightclubs is where they will be and is the easiest place to meet them!

Think for a minute. While many women go out to nightclubs to have fun with their friends, many go because they want to gain the attention of the many men who also spend time at these places. These women also know that the later the night gets the more guys pile into these night spots looking to hookup with a girl.

There ARE some Good Points to this Type of Woman!!

The good side of dating a woman who is a aggressive sexually is that often the sex will be Women who will sleep with anyonethe best you ever had! They are not inhibited at all and like to have sex often, usually from the first or second date onwards.

The first couple of weeks with such a woman is fairly exciting as the sex is very often, their personalities are fun to be around and they like to go out and have fun!

Also, these types of women usually have several very attractive girlfriends who are just like themselves; thus, having a gaggle of sexy ladies to hang with is pretty cool… and you will be the one guy all the other guys envy… while it lasts!

But… Some Things to be Aware of!

And, let me tell you, it won’t last long! Most of the women who frequent nightclubs and are sexually aggressive will not want any one guy in their lives for any lengthy period of time. They get their “high” from the acquiring of men they can brag to their friends about.

Women who will sleep with anyoneAnother concern you need to be very aware of is STDs. Some of these women may have numerous lovers and each of these guys are NOT aware of the other.

Despite everyone’s intention to use caution when engaging in sex it just doesn’t happen, thus putting all parties involved at risk.

One more concern with dating this type of woman is that they seldom want a relationship.

While they tell you one thing they are out practicing another. Whether it be week one or month three of your budding relationship she WILL be out shopping for a new guy without you knowing. Just be prepared.

One last Important issue to be concerned about is that some of these women are psychologically challenged. One woman I dated was very sexual, was a good partner on the surface but had severe depression in her medical history.

Whenever this “depression” surfaced she would threaten to hurt herself until she got whatever she wanted. Needless to say, I gave that relationship the heave fairly quickly after she threatened to jump out of a moving car when a waitress from earlier that day touched my shoulder.

More to Think About.

Most of these Women who will sleep with anyone are very interesting studies of human nature. Many articles have been written about them over the years in an effort to better understand this particular type of woman. After all, we men are a curious bunch after all.

Her is a snippet of an article from the much respected Askmen.com on this topic:

“the investment in time and sheer effort required for a serious relationship just isn’t worth their while. They prefer keeping things casual and strictly for kicks, rather than having to deal with the potential inconvenience of a boyfriend.

One-night stands are the perfect solution for these women because they get all the good Women who will sleep with anyonestuff and none of the bad.

They get to go on the dates, enjoy the dinners and weekend getaways, and the rush of having sex with a new partner, without having to contend with compromising themselves for another person or what they deem to be annoying male habits.”

Have Fun… But be Aware.

In closing, my advice to any guys wanting to date a party girl is to go ahead and do so. Go out with them for a fun time. Have some great sex and create some memories not to be shared with your future wife.

However, make sure you do not get too emotionally involved so when she gets kind of weird (and she will!) you will find it easy to part ways!

Here’s a video covering this same topic but from a different perspective.  Enjoy the video!


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