Would a Woman Date a Virgin?

Would a woman date a virginWhat a question to ask! Would a woman date a virgin? Of course they would… and do!  If you are a man who is waiting for his potential wife to be his “first”, then you need to look at non-traditional venues to meet women.

For most women under the age of 30 the thought of dating a virgin is not a deal breaker as many men may be “unlucky” with women up until their mid to late twenties.

This could be for many reasons, which could include lack of opportunity to meet women, chronic shyness or perhaps the virgin man is somewhat unappealing.

Regardless of the reasons he is a virgin at 30 this “may” not be a problem.

However, for any guy who is over the age of 30, and is still a virgin, then there could be problems finding women open to dating this type of guy.

Why? Well, to be blunt, if any guy is still a virgin after the age of 30 there is probably some sort of emotional problem with the guy or there is the issue he is very unappealing to women.

Perhaps he is too fat, or he smells or he is socially aloof!

If by chance you are still a virgin and you are in your mid twenties there could be challenges in your efforts to meet women who are comfortable with breaking in a virgin.

Like what I said above there are probably reasons why you are a virgin and it is these same reasons that women may not be attracted to you.

However, if you are wanting to meet a woman open to dating a virgin man then perhaps the best place to look would be with like-minded women whom themselves are still virgins.

There are number of resources to meet virgin women with the most obvious place being church.

There are also online venues for meeting like-minded people such as dating sites and relationship forums catering to folks abstaining from sex.

Would a Woman Date a Virgin?

So, yes, there are women who will date a virgin. All you need to do is find where these women are through some research and put your self in front of them.

I do know that if I were still a virgin at the age of, say, 25 I would be looking for women at my local church!

Here’s a video answering the question: Would a Woman Date a Virgin? Enjoy the video!


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