Yes, Japanese Women are Overrated!

Japanese Women are Overrated!According to my friend, who has been married to three different women from Japan, he says Japanese women are overrated! For me, who has also dated many women from Japan, I do disagree, but certainly understand his perspective.

Clyde, my friend with the three ex-wives from Japan, will admit the typical Japanese woman is very sexy, cute to be around pre-marriage and can be enjoyable in the bedroom – pre-marriage. According to Clyde: once you get married things changeand not for the good.


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Japanese Women are Overrated!

When I pressed him for specifics, here are the three major concerns he had with dating and marrying Japanese women. For me these were not news, but for some of you who have not been around Japanese women this may be good information to keep in your head in the event you marry one of these exotic ladies.

Problem One: No Sex!!!

I have heard this from many guys who married Japanese women.

The vast majority of American men, once married to a Japanese woman, the sex just stops.

As Clyde puts it: “once you get this very sexy woman to put a ring on her finger she thinks she no longer needs to keep you happy in the bedroom!”

This particular problem becomes even more pronounced when the couple has a baby.

Once childbirth occurs the husband may as well go find a girlfriend and forget about having sexual relations with his wife.

Problem Two: Resentment from HER!

Clyde experienced in all three of his marriages women who seemed to dislike him after a couple months of marriage. He thinks each of his wives resented him because he wanted them to be better housewives as each refused to work and help contribute to the family unit financially.

Japanese Women are Overrated!He claims that when he returned home from work each day the house would be a mess, no dinner cooked, no laundry done and his wife (all three) spent the day hanging with their other Japanese friends not doing much of anything.

Whenever he would ask for them to step up and take care of the house while he was at work each of his wives would seem to act like they resented the fact they were expected to participate in the success of the relationship. Imagine that!


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Having a several lengthy relationships with Japanese women I can attest to this dynamic as well. It seems many of these women think that once you move in with them you are now their permanent sugar daddy and they are entitled to have lives of leisure… all off of your bank account and hard work!

Problem Three: Money Grows on Trees?!!

Clyde’s last wife, wife number three, was very materialistic. While most Japanese women are very materialistic (and they ARE!!!), this particular woman took it to new levels.

When purchasing her a new Coach handbag she would act all disappointed because she preferred the Louis Vuitton brand. The Lexus he bought her for her birthday was not the right color, therefore she demanded he return it and get her the silver Mercedes she really wanted.

The house he built for their family was not built in the right neighborhood, according to her, therefore upon its completion he was forced to put it on the market and rent a larger house in the most expensive part of the island.

As a small business owner Clyde was doing well; but not so well he could keep up with all her financial demands. With her last expectation of him, that being a trip to Italy she would take with her other Japanese lady friends (he was to pay for) while he stayed home to run his now struggling business, he made the decision to end the marriage to this parasite.


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In Closing…

According to Clyde be prepared to deal with these three issues if you should ever get involved with a woman from Japan. I certainly do not disagree as I have encountered these same issues with just about all the Japanese women I have dated as well.

The message here is to go ahead and date, bed and enjoy these women from Japan; but whatever you do, according to my friend Clyde, don’t marry them!

article: Yes, Japanese Women are Overrated!

updated: June 12, 2016

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